HK only! Delivery options! Enter code: BACKTOSCHOOL and pay $90 for your cover(s)!


Can we purchase cases for laptops other than MacBook Pro Retina 13 or MacBook Air?

Absolutely! MacBook Pro Retina 13 and MacBook Air 13 are the most popular as they are requested by the ESF schools. However the same design can be used with other Apple brand laptop models. I will assess the need to add this option after few months of operation.


Can the order be delivered directly to my living address in DB?

Unfortunately, we can not offer this service as we do not charge any delivery fee. All the profits are intended to be used for charity purpose. Therefore, we want to save extra expense to use instead to help raising funds for our founded causes. So all the orders will be delivered after school by a volunteer and hand out to the person who places the order or his/her representative. Also, this market is not opened at large yet. We are focussing mainly on students on a first step.


Can we customize our design and print it on our own MacBook cover?

This request is delicate as our clientele are children at school and these laptops are used at school for educational purpose. Therefore, we don't want to print any inappropriate material on a cover. We will have to develop a mechanism with each school to have the design approved by the right authority. If this is feasible, there will then be an extra fee for customization. However, we encourage schools to organize drawing contests based on themes they would like the children to have a reflection on. We can then print many covers with the winner's drawing and the school identification at a lower price.


Are you offering those products outside of Discovery Bay?

Yes! Absolutely! We now offer our products all around Hong Kong since we have fixed most of the production and delivery issues. Only need to select SF Express Delivery with Collect Charge please. If you are part of a school that is asking parents to buy MacBooks for their students, please let me know. I am trying to arrange other delivery chanels that would be less costly for those schools.