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Can we purchase cases for laptops other than MacBook Pro Retina 13 or MacBook Air?

Absolutely! NEW MACBOOK PRO 13 (A1706/A1708/A1989), MACBOOK PRO RETINA 13 (A1502/A1425) and MACBOOK AIR 13 (A1466/A1369) are the most popular models as they are requested by the International Schools. However, the same design can be used with any other MacBook laptop models. We cover all the 15 models actually still on the market. Here is the list of A1XXX codes for the models that we cover: MACBOOK AIR 11 (A1465/A1370), MACBOOK RETINA 12 (A1534), OLD MACBOOK PRO 13 (A1278), OLD MACBOOK PRO 15 (A1286), MACBOOK PRO RETINA 15 (A1398), NEW MACBOOK PRO 15 (A1707/A1990).


Can I receive my order in my country?

We slowly by slowly are adding countries to our shipping options. Now, aside from the whole Hong Kong, we can deliver to North America and some European countries. The other countries will eventually follow. However, for some countries, the shipment cost is just too expensive or delivery time just too long for this type of product. Please send us an email at to tell us from which country you are and what would be the best rate and speed we can get for you.


How long it will take between the moment I have ordered and the moment I have received my order?

This question depends on your choice of a transporter and Make it COLOURFUL cannot be responsible for delays at the custom border that is specific to each country. However, according to our experience, shipping to USA takes between 9 to 13 open days.


Can we customize our design and print it on our own MacBook cover?

We are pleased to say that officially Make it colourful® has launched this product in January 2018. The product is unique and the production cost is one of the cheapest in the world. Just give it a trial!

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