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Free delivery: DC, DBIS, Levain Bakery (HK Island)
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Shipping Savings

The delivery cost in Hong Kong can be substantial especially when shipped from Discovery Bay. I am conscious of this and trying to accommodate my customers as much as possible by finding different solutions that will make them save some money. 

So there are many ways you can save money for your delivery as per the following:

a) You live in Discovery Bay and your child goes to school either at Discovery College (DC) or Discovery Bay International School (DBIS) the main campus, with a pre-arranged meeting near the reception area outside of the school premises. We will deliver for free as long as you respect the agreed meeting time.

b) Your child is going to Canadian International School (CDNIS) and you have ordered and paid online. We will deliver for $30HKD to the school near the bridge area for you.

c) You have ordered online and already paid by Paypal. We can deliver to you for free either at Central, Levain Bakery, Exit K if you purchase their products for $50HKD or more. If you don't want to try their products, the delivery cost will be $20HKD. We can also arrange to deliver at PMK, Levain Bakery under the same conditions.

d) Pour les membres de Hong Kong Accueil, il est possible de récupérer votre commande gratuitement lors des rencontres d'échange avec le groupe des entrepreneurs. Si j'obtiens une commande totale de $500HKD, je peux faire la livraison à Central gratuitement. Les membres de Hong Kong Accueil peuvent bénéficier de 15% de réduction sur tous les produits BioVibes.

e) For all the other customers, what I can offer you is to save the $30HKD from the remote area DB by mailing your order directly at SF Express Tsing Yi. However, I will ask you some flexibility in the time so, the next time I go by Tsing Yi, I will post your order. Thank you for your understanding.

f) As for the other schools using MacBook as a school devise such as the Independant School Foundation Acadamy (ISF) or the other English School Foundation (ESF) Schools, we are actively trying to find a student or a teacher living in Discovery Bay that would accept in exchange of few dollars to bring the orders to the customers from those schools. Please let us know if you are interested.

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